Jaipur of India Take Away

16 Marischal Place, Blackhall, Edinburgh, EH4 3NF

Tel 0131 467 7773 or 467 7113

Chicken Dishes    

Chicken Pasanda


Steamed chicken with ground almonds, fresh cream and ground herbs. Mild and very smooth.

Green Herb Chicken


Spring chicken steam cooked in peeled tomato, green pepper and fresh coriander sauce, garnished with spring onions. Medium spicy.


Jaipuri Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken grilled in the tandoor, cooked with fried onions & capsicums with fresh masala in a thick sauce. Highly recommended.



Jaipuri Murgh Makhani

Barbequed chicken cooked in the tandoor, fairly mild creamy sauce with lychee and pineapple, dressed with almonds. Mild to taste.



Zeera Murgh


Chicken tikka with cumin seeds and fresh masala of ginger and garlic with fresh coriander for distinctive flavour. Served with nan bread. 

Murgh Rissotto


Cooked with pieces of chicken with mushrooms and pineapple in a beautiful sauce. Served with nan bread.

Nimbo Murgh


Boneless diced chicken cooked with strong spices, green pepper, tomatoes, lemon juice, garnished with spring onions and coriander.

Jaipuri Murgh Joul


Chicken tikka cooked with a maximum quantity of onions, seasoned with fresh coriander, green peppers, garlic and ginger. Cooked in a special sauce.

Special Jhal Frezie


Chicken tikka cooked with fresh green chillil and fresh corainder, garnished with a touch of ginger. Fairly hot and spicy.