Jaipur of India Take Away

16 Marischal Place, Blackhall, Edinburgh, EH4 3NF

Tel 0131 467 7773 or 467 7113

Vegetarian Main Dishes    

Sag Panir

Oriental cottage cheese with spinach, coriander leaves and fresh ground mustard seed. Medium spiced.    £4.95

Chana Panir


Chick peas and spicy cottage cheese. Medium hot to taste.

Sabzi Durbar


A special vegetable curry in a red yoghurt sauce. Medium hot.

Gajar Gobi


Carrot and cauliflower cooked with spring onions, garlic, fresh coriander and spices. Medium spiced.




Aubergine & Mushroom

Jhal Frezie

Fairly hot to taste.

Sabzi Chilli Dal


Mixed vegetables cooked with fresh green chilli, coriander and a slice of lemon. Fairly hot.


Sambal Bhindi Okra cooked with fresh herbs and spiced in Worcester sauce.    £4.95

Sabzi Chamman Bahar

Vegetables cooked with bananas. Mild to taste.    £4.95

Bombay Chana Massalam


Chick peas cooked with potatoes in sweet and sour sauce, garnished with fresh chillies, fresh coriander. Fairly hot to taste.


Bombay Mutar Sag

Spinach and chick peas stir fried with garlic, green chillies and fresh coriander. Fairly hot.